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209 students inducted into National Technical Honor Society


Top-performing students in Syracuse and Cortland honored in National Technical Honor Society 

    OCM BOCES recently inducted Cortland- and Syracuse-area students into the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS). Students who qualify for induction into the NTHS represent the top-performing students in a wide variety of Career & Technical Education programs.
     To be inducted, students must have an 85 grade-point average or higher, 12 or fewer absences, and a teacher recommendation. Students must also demonstrate attributes that include respect, honesty, skill, responsibility, leadership, service and citizenship.
     Here is the complete list of students who were honored:


Baldwinsville Central School District:
  • Maddison Bird, Auto Collision Year 2
  • Cynthia Rodman, Automotive Tech Year 2
  • Ayden Plaza, Computer Tech Year 2
  • Evan Walton, Computer Tech Year 2
  • Dylan Williams, Construction Tech Year 2
  • Elijah  Perry. Culinary Arts Year 2
  • Haylee Delaney, Early Childhood Year 2
  • Isabella Forbes, Early Childhood Year 2
  • Renee Gallton, Early Childhood Year 2
  • Jenna Hierholzer, Early Childhood Year 2
  • Jordan Palmer, Early Childhood Year 2
  • Madeline Parks, Early Childhood Year 2
  • Hope  Williams, Early Childhood Year 2
  • Morgyn Barber, Health Occupations Year 2
  • Julie Graham, Health Occupations Year 2
  • Cierrah Arney, Laboratory Tech Year 2
  • Victoria Jones, Laboratory Tech Year 2
  • Queen Raynor, Laboratory Tech Year 2
  • Noelle Rockwood, Physical Therapy Year 2
  • Alivia  Allen, Welding Year 2
  • Chloe Branshaw, New Vision Criminal Justice
  • Preston Clark, New Vision Engineering
  • Bradley Rutherford, New Vision Engineering
Cazenovia Central School District:
  • Anthony Vazquez, Computer Tech Year 2
  • Mikaylee, Smith, Early Childhood Year 2
Chittenango Central School District
  • Alexander Lum, Automotive Tech Year 2
  • Kenneth Matthews, Automotive Tech Year 2
  • Cody Cumber, Computer Tech Year 2
  • Aime Daviau, Early Childhood Year 2
  • Annamaria Giannantonio, Health Occupations Year 2
  • Marissa Austin, Physical Therapy Year 2
  • Samantha Stone, New Vision Criminal Justice
  • Matthew Eisenhut, New Vision Engineering
  • Evan Smith, New Vision Engineering
  • Jacob Lugena, New Vision Medical
  • Alec Mantz, New Vision Medical
  • Carolyn Myka, New Vision Medical
East Syracuse Minoa Central School District:
  • Masanobu Nishimura, New Vision Engineering
  • Jaylynn Short, New Vision Medical
  • Meghan Shufelt, New Vision Medical  
Fabius-Pompey Central School District:
Kevin Valentine, New Vision Engineering
Fayetteville-Manlius Central School District:
  • Cody Granger, Automotive Tech Year 2
  • Demiana Saleeb, New Vision Criminal Justice
  • Peter  Herodes, New Vision Engineering
  • Sara Pedersen, New Vision Engineering
  • Kara Dunn, New Vision Medical
  • Suha Khan, New Vision Medical
Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District
  • Zachary Jerome, Automotive Tech Year 2
  • Jacob Melick, Automotive Tech Year 2
  • Alyssa Demmon, Cosmetology Year 2
  • Madollyn Dobrovech, Health Occupations Year 2
  • Savannah Scerbo, Health Occupations Year 2
  • Melissa West, Health Occupations Year 2
LaFayette Central School District:
  • Timothy Kramak, Auto Collision Year 2
  • Dante Friedman, Computer Tech Year 2
  • Nikolas Cromley, New Vision Engineering
Liverpool Central School District:
  • Caitlyn James, Cosmetology Year 2
  • Hannah Kopp, Cosmetology Year 2
  • Lydia  Wagner, Cosmetology Year 2
  • Kameron Weber, Cosmetology Year 2
  • Grant Scholl, Culinary Arts Year 2
  • Lilith Holmes, Health Occupations Year 2
  • Marie-Therese Morrow, Health Occupations Year 2
  • Jasmine Gary, Laboratory Tech Year 2
  • Haley  Delia, New Vision Criminal Justice
  • Rodney Quinn, New Vision Criminal Justice
  • Spencer Rosen, New Vision Criminal Justice
  • Nathan Bonk, New Vision Engineering
  • Tyler Spaulding, New Vision Engineering
  • Delia Korszeniewski, New Vision Medical
  • Nathan Smith, Laboratory Tech Year 2
  • Allison Cohen, Welding Year 2
Marcellus Central School District
  • Noah  Bealer, Computer Tech Year 2
  • Justin Crysler, Computer Tech Year 2
  • Griffen David, Computer Tech Year 2
  • Alexander Elderbroom, Computer Tech Year 2
  • Ian Emmons,  Computer Tech Year 2
  • Brandon Meyer, New Vision Engineering
  • Isabella Grosso, New Vision Medical
  • Sara Mack, New Vision Medical
North Syracuse Central School District:
  • Cameron Pierce, Automotive Tech Year 2
  • Austin Fisher, Computer Tech Year 2
  • Scena Butler, Cosmetology Year 2
  • Madelyn Van Ryn, Cosmetology Year 2
  • Tyler Howland, Culinary Arts Year 2
  • Dante Iannuzzo, Laboratory Tech Year 2
  • Kenneth Lane, Laboratory Tech Year 2
  • Colin Harrington, Media Marketing Year 2
  • Cole Hartman, New Vision Engineering
  • Elise Kuersteiner, New Vision Engineering
  • Milan Laquidari, New Vision Medical
  • Claire McNitt, New Vision Medical
Solvay Union Free School District:
  • Kirstyn Devereaux, Health Occupations Year 2
  • Lian Pui, Health Occupations Year 2
  • Joshua Shields, New Vision Medical
West Genesee Central School District:
  • Alexander Goodwin, Construction Tech Year 2
  • Brendan Walker, Construction Tech Year 2
  • Jacob Petrik, Health Occupations Year 2
  • Olivia Grome, Physical Therapy Year 2
  • Alexis Pitcher, New Vision Criminal Justice
  • Joseph Romano, New Vision Criminal Justice
  • Etana  Davis, New Vision Medical
Westhill Central School District
  • Adam Amaya, Computer Tech Year 2
  • Dominick Carfagno, Computer Tech Year 2
  • Kevin  Kelly, Computer Tech Year 2
  • Alyiah Geiger, Cosmetology Year 2
  • Amal Aboushanab, New Vision Engineering
  • Hannah Sheridan, New Vision Medical
  • Madelyn Wheelden, New Vision Medical
  • Angelina Camardella, New Vision Criminal Justice


Cincinnatus Central School District:
  • Hunter Rickert, Automotive Technology
  • Theodore Law III, Computer Technology
  • Jacob Supley, Computer Technology
  • H. Stanley Waltz, Computer Technology
  • Billi Robinson, Culinary and Pastry Arts
  • Hayley Halstrom, New Visions Medical Professions
  • Hannah Merchant, New Visions Medical Professions
  • Leann Rutan, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitative Professions
  • Anthony Bush, Welding
  • Gauge Taylor, Welding
Cortland Enlarged Central School District:
  • Keegan Morris, Auto Collision
  • Adam Decker, Computer Technology
  • Charles Shauger, Computer Technology
  • Colin Lassey, Construction Technology
  • Destiny Sherman, Cosmetology
  • Calista Van Epps, Cosmetology
  • Morgan Zimmer, Early Childhood Education
  • Thomas Clark, Graphic Communications
  • Gabrielle Carr, Health Occupations
  • Shyanne Lewis, Health Occupations
  • Hannah Aldrich, New Visions Environmental Science
  • Elizabeth Decker, New Visions Environmental Science
  • Gabriella Fowler, New Visions Environmental Science
  • Tori Cruz, New Visions Medical Professions
  • Donovan Hartnett, New Visions Medical Professions
  • Chloe VanGorder. New Visions Medical Professions
DeRuyter Central School District:
  • Jocelyn Smith, Cosmetology
  • Jazmine Bowman, Culinary and Pastry Arts
  • Roselea Marsh, Early Childhood Education
  • Torrie Randall, Early Childhood Education
  • Eugene Burrows, New Visions Environmental Science
  • Kayla Buchovecky, New Visions Medical Professions
  • Catherine Chapman, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitative Professions
  • Conner Benedict, Welding
  • Justin Bort, Welding
  • Anthony Hatto, Welding
Fabius-Pompey Central School District:
  • Alyssa Golden, Construction Technology
  • Annika, Wertz, Cosmetology
Homer Central School District:
  • Tyler Poole, Auto Collision
  • Bryan Heller, Auto Collision
  • Hunter Andersen, Automotive Technology
  • Vincent Swinnich, Automotive Technology
  • Dominick Huntley, Computer Technology
  • Jackson McCall-Bush, Computer Technology
  • Dawson Cook, Construction Technology
  • Ethan Kowalewski, Construction Technology
  • Angel Bowers, Culinary and Pastry Arts
  • Princess Jeshenia Shine, Culinary and Pastry Arts
  • Mya Goddard, Early Childhood Education
  • Jerze Joseph, Early Childhood Education
  • Arielle Bastian, Graphic Communications
  • Hannah Ward, Health Occupations
  • Jack Fox, New Visions Environmental Science
  • Brooke Allbright, New Visions Medical Professions
  • Caitlin Barber, New Visions Medical Professions
  • Olivia Corl, New Visions Medical Professions
  • Kaia Hubbard, New Visions Medical Professions
  • Mallory Beard, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitative Professions
  • Faith Howell, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitative Professions
  • Grace Jacobi, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitative Professions
  • Nate Johnson, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitative Professions
  • Allyson Natale, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitative Professions
  • Woody Burda, Welding
  • Taylor Netti, Welding
  • Hunter White, Welding
Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District:
Cameron Whipple, Computer Technology
Marathon Central School District:
  • Ethan Sutton, Auto Collision
  • Nathan Puhlman, Computer Technology
  • Jackson White, Construction Technology
  • Tiana Caldwell, Cosmetology
  • Isaac Thornton, Cosmetology
  • Chelsea Corey, Culinary and Pastry Arts
  • Krissie Cross, Culinary and Pastry Arts
  • Mikayla Merihew-Williams, Culinary and Pastry Arts
  • Jenna Knout, Early Childhood Education
  • Emma Rapp, Health Occupations
  • Zackary Rogers, New Visions Environmental Science
  • Kristi Walley, New Visions Medical Professions
  • Garen Barker, Welding
  • Dominic Mitchell, Welding
  • Cameron Neilson, Welding
  • Quintin Sengsounthone, Welding
McGraw Central School District:
  • Dylan Clark, Auto Collision
  • Matthew Morse, Computer Technology
  • Anthony Tinelli, Construction Technology
  • Wanda Underwood, Cosmetology
  • Ashley White, Cosmetology
Tully Central School District:
  • Cameron Trammel, Computer Technology
  • Travis Kent, Construction Technology
  • Cassondra Fisher, Cosmetology
  • Meagan Porter, Cosmetology
  • Payton Vantassel, Cosmetology
  • Emily Wolf, Cosmetology
  • Cameron Downey, New Visions Environmental Science
  • Maggie Liddell, New Visions Environmental Science
  • Jonah Shay, New Visions Environmental Science
  • Rachel Biggs, New Visions Medical Professions
  • Sarah Daddona, New Visions Medical Professions
  • Jade Dillenbeck, New Visions Medical Professions

Congratulations to all our NTHS students! We are very proud of your accomplishments!