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Administrators Pucker Up at McEvoy


Students at the Cortlandville Campus were recently moo-tivated in a unique way by their teachers and staff. In exchange for signing up and doing well on the Scholastic Math Inventory and the Scholastic Reading Inventory tests, the students got to watch their teachers pucker up and kiss a cow in a neighboring field. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with students and staff cheering and clapping on a sunny, cloudless day as each administrator planted their lips on their bovine neighbors.
“Students who weren’t going to take the test signed up as soon as they heard about the cow kissing,” said Principal of Special Education McEvoy Campus Jason Martin. Mr. Martin was one of the four administrators who kissed a cow.
In addition to Mr. Martin, Kiss a Cow participants included: OCM BOCES Director of Special Education Rosanna Grund, Administrative Intern Catie Reeve, and Special Education Administrator at Cortlandville Cheryl Rogers.
The festivities took place on June 7 and began in the courtyard at McEvoy. Students gathered in the courtyard with signs, banners and pompoms, ready to cheer on their teachers – and the cows. Led by Mr. BOCES Bucks and Clarabelle the Cow, the students lined up to parade out to the cows, who were eagerly waiting for their kisses. Excitement filled the air as each administrator leaned forward and took turns planting a kiss on each cow. With each kiss, a quiet cheer went through the crowd.
“The students have been talking about this all week,” said Ms. Reeve.
Thank you to our Kiss a Cow participants and congratulations to the McEvoy students for doing so well on their SMI and the SRI tests!