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OCM BOCES Alumni Hall of Fame


OCM BOCES Alumni Hall of Fame

The Onondaga-Cortland-Madison BOCES Career and Technical Education Alumni Hall of Fame was established in 2011 to honor individuals who have graduated from our Career and Technical Education programs and who demonstrate leadership in their field. Each year, nominations are solicited and reviewed by a subcommittee made up from our OCM BOCES Career and Technical Education Advisory Committee. The committee reviews the nominations for the following qualifications:

1. OCM BOCES Career and Technical Education Graduate;
2. Engagement in an occupation related to the program completed at OCM BOCES;
3. Demonstrate leadership in his/her field;
4. Exercise civic responsibility.

The winners of the award will have a commemorative plaque placed in the "Hall of Fame" in their respective campus of graduation.

Current members of the OCM BOCES Alumni Hall of Fame are:
Keith Standish (Inducted 2011 - McEvoy Campus)
Leah Estock (Inducted 2011 - Henry Campus)

Dave Ryder (Inducted 2012 - Henry Campus)
Kevin McMahon (Inducted 2012 - McEvoy Campus)

Robert Canorro (Inducted 2013 - Henry Campus)
Brian Eastman (Inducted 2013 - McEvoy Campus)

Stacy Uzunoff (Inducted 2014 - Henry Campus)
Michael Park (Inducted 2014 - McEvoy Campus)
Timothy Moser (Inducted 2015 - Henry Campus)
Jennifer Neff (Inducted 2015 - McEvoy Campus)
Kenneth Ciccarelli (Inducted 2016 - Henry Campus)
Suzanne Osterhoudt (Inducted 2016 - McEvoy Campus)
Anthony Nappa (Inducted 2017 - Thompson Road Campus)
Dean Catlin (Inducted 2017 - Cortlandville Campus)

By identifying successful graduates, we hope to provide positive role models for current students, while making the public aware of the accomplishments of our former students and the potential for success through the high quality programs offered by OCM BOCES.

To be considered for the OCM BOCES Alumni Hall of Fame, individuals must be a graduate of an OCM BOCES Career and Technical Education program, must currently be engaged in a career related to their program of completion at BOCES, must demonstrate leadership in their field and show civic responsibility.

For more information on the OCM BOCES Alumni Hall of Fame, contact Director of Career, Technical and Adult Education that office at 315-431-8407.

CTE nomination form is available by clicking here.