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"Disaster" at WonderWorks

Sixteen students from Innovation Tech displayed their research on natural disasters this month outside the WonderWorks attraction at Destiny USA. Mall guests and about 150 students from Syracuse and Fabius-Pompey visited the displays and asked questions.

Innovation Tech facilitators Kyle L. O’Sullivan and Segan Johnson said students initially took a tour of a natural disaster display at WonderWorks. Later, they jumped into their own research on tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes. Students had to incorporate tactile and visual elements and develop a concise pitch to communicate their findings.

The project stemmed from an Earth Comm class that combines Earth Science with communications. Find more on the Innovation Tech Facebook page.

Students who participated in the project included 10th-graders Allison Cohen, Nicolas Finch, Christian Haskins, Jaden Hunter, Noah Klering, Cole LaFex, Merissa Massara, Tyler Miller, Aiden Morrison (9th grader), Cynthia O'Dell, Jamaica Pope, Kayla Solosky, Britney Stevenson, Samuel Swartz, Brooke Unger and Raymond Vartuli.