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More than 300 CNY high school students earn NYS CTE Endorsement

More than 300 students from the 23 component school districts of Onondaga-Cortland-Madison BOCES have earned the distinction of receiving a New York State Career and Technical Education (CTE) Endorsement on their 2016 high school diploma. Earning a CTE Endorsement is considered a distinction of honor. Having achieved the designation demonstrates a student’s academic strength and signifies their readiness to enter the workforce or enroll in college.
“Earning a CTE endorsement is a complex process, requiring a student’s excellence in their field of study, as the tests are developed according to industry standards and the endorsement signifies that students have attained the necessary entry-level technical skills,” says OCM BOCES District Superintendent Jody Manning. “In New York State, students who wish to earn a CTE Endorsement must meet rigorous requirements, including passing nationally recognized tests in their field of study.”
Students must take and pass both written and performance exams, which can be norm-based, requiring students to achieve higher scores than are typically accepted for passage. Performance exams are observed and scored by field experts not affiliated with the educational institution.
Students who pass the test demonstrate competence in their specific trade area and their readiness to meet the high standards of employment, or entrance into a secondary education program, in their field of study. To achieve the endorsement, students must also meet a number of additional standards including: passing their CTE course, completing approved work-based learning experiences, passing national assessments, completing 22 graduation credits, achieving passing grades on five Regents exams (or approved alternatives) and meeting all high school graduation requirements.
The following is a complete listing, by school district, of the 302 students who earned CTE endorsements this year. Their OCM BOCES program of study is listed in parentheses.
Baldwinsville Central School District: Kalie Arnold (Automotive Technology), Kayla Barton (Early Childhood Education), Emily Bell (Early Childhood Education), Trevor Betts (Automotive Collision Technology), Daisy Bezio (Cosmetology), Jenny Boden (Cosmetology), Gabrielle Brown (Health Occupations Technology), Brennan Buitron (Cosmetology), Rachel Butkins (Cosmetology), Zachary Clark (Culinary Arts), Tyler Cole (Construction Technology), Tyler DeGone (Automotive Technology), Trisha DeLaurie (Cosmetology), Keirsten Fesko (Media Marketing Communications), Ryan Fletcher (Automotive Technology), Allison Haines (Culinary Arts), Miranda Hart (Media Marketing Communications), Sable Hauswirth (Laboratory Technology), Zoe James (Cosmetology), Daniel Johnson (Culinary Arts), Tyler Johnson (Automotive Technology), Sandra Meeker (Cosmetology), Brittany Miner (Early Childhood Education), Kourtney Muck (Cosmetology), John Mulrooney (Computer Technology), Gregory Norton (Welding Technology), Alicia Olin (Cosmetology), Kaitlyn Patrick (Early Childhood Education), Shannon Perrotta (Health Occupations Technology), Tyler Peters (Automotive Technology), Alyson Pfeiffer (Culinary Arts), Sierra Phillips (Cosmetology), Victoria Poff (Cosmetology), Victoria Savacool (Media Marketing Communications), Jewel Slade (Media Marketing Communications), and Seth Werner (Computer Technology).
Cazenovia Central School District: Michael Marshall (Welding Technology).
Chittenango Central School District: Joshua Booth (Welding Technology), David Conklin (Welding Technology), Alanna Dion (Cosmetology), Joseph Green (Media Marketing Communications), Dylan Hall (Construction Technology), Samuel Harrison (Construction Technology), Robert Hill (Construction Technology), Kassidy Jackson (Health Occupations Technology), Maria LaRosa (Cosmetology), Michaela Lugena (Cosmetology), Rebecca Preeman (Early Childhood Education), Jonathan Shanahan (Automotive Technology), Kyle Tierney (Welding Technology), and Matthew Vivelo (Media Marketing Communications).
Cincinnatus Central School District: Keyara Aiken (Cosmetology), Ashley Angell (Graphic Communications), Kristen Angell (Cosmetology), Averi Hull (Cosmetology), Jennifer Ivison (Graphic Communications), Jarith Karr (Welding Technology), James Miller Jr. (Automotive Collision Technology), Terry Petty (Welding Technology), Amber Price (Cosmetology), Brody Wehner (Automotive Collision Technology), and SerenaRa Witty (Health Occupations Technology).

Cortland Enlarged City School District: Nahsia Batts (Health Occupations Technology), Andrew Boyce (Computer Technology), Dylan Brown (Construction Technology), Alexis Buck (Cosmetology), Hannah Burkhard (Cosmetology), Alexis Burnham (Cosmetology), Mazey Cornell (Cosmetology), Samantha Crum (Cosmetology), Michael Emm (Computer Technology), Julia Goddard (Cosmetology), Dani Gonzalez (Health Occupations Technology), Anna Khrushch (Health Occupations Technology), Makenzie Little (Cosmetology), Colbie Lockwood (Automotive Collision Technology), Corey Loveless
(Graphic Communications), Nicolle McAdams (Cosmetology), Coleton Reisman (Construction Technology), Abigail Ross (Health Occupations Technology), Justin Rozengota (Computer Technology), Jonathan Sopp (Computer Technology), Nicholas Swartz (Construction Technology), Brandon Sweet (Automotive Technology), Mya Velazquez (Cosmetology), Devin Walker (Construction Technology), Curtis Wilk (Automotive Technology), Izeah Williams (Culinary Arts), Taylor Anne Woodin (Cosmetology).
DeRuyter Central School District: Alexis Cockrum (Cosmetology), Madelyn Fuller (Cosmetology), William Judson (Welding Technology), Matthew Mahany (Automotive Technology), MaryJo Miller (Graphic Communications), Bethany Prince-Rood (Cosmetology), Austin Slocum (Automotive Collision Technology), and Timothy Thorick (Automotive Technology).
East Syracuse Minoa Central School District: Ronald Butchko, Jr. (Graphic Communications) and Kaitlin Saya (Health Occupations Technology).
Fayetteville-Manlius: Emily Kaffenberger (Physical Therapy) and Julia Ziajka (Cosmetology).
Fabius-Pompey Central School District: Jastinee Catalano (Cosmetology), Marissa Chrysler (Health Occupations Technology), Caroline Cornell (Cosmetology), Elizabeth Skinner (Cosmetology),
Homer Central School District: Trenton Allbright (Automotive Collision Technology), Victoria Anderson (Cosmetology), Darrick Baldwin (Computer Technology), Jack Bancroft (Automotive Technology), Ross Brown (Welding Technology), Jeramiah Bush (Welding Technology), Isaac Cline (Welding Technology), Shannon Cole (Culinary Arts), Lucas Conger (Computer Technology), Tara Daley (Health Occupations Technology), Alan Goyette-Wall (Automotive Technology), Joshua Frenia (Computer Technology), Mackenzie Gratton (Computer Technology), Rebecca Hartquist (Cosmetology), Bryson Howell (Computer Technology), Zachary Hulbert (Automotive Technology), Jakob Hunt (Construction Technology), Nicholas Kemp (Automotive Technology), Nicholas Kinney (Automotive Technology), Jason Marshall (Automotive Technology), Seamus Schoonover (Construction Technology), Brian Stadler (Graphic Communications), Austin Stone (Welding Technology), Brooke Turner (Health Occupations Technology), Samuel Vanwinkle (Construction Technology), Charles Wheeler II (Automotive Technology), and Naomi Wright (Automotive Collision Technology).
Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District: Aryanna Dee (Laboratory Technology), Anna Demmon (Cosmetology), Kashawna Graham (Culinary Arts), Cassandra Jordan (Health Occupations Technology), Scott Loucks (Automotive Technology), Courtney Mantor (Cosmetology), and Shavez Roberts (Laboratory Technology).
LaFayette Central School District: Darren Dodge (Automotive Technology), Kevin Doupe (Automotive Technology), Benjamin Kramak (Automotive Collision Technology), and Noah Maher (Welding Technology).
Liverpool Central School District: Robert Baker (Construction Technology), Antonio Castro (Automotive Technology), Nicholas Catalone (Automotive Technology), Angelo Coglitore (Automotive Technology), Rachel Cosentino (Early Childhood Education), Vincent Gianni (Culinary Arts), Peter Gonzalez (Automotive Technology), Justin Harris (Automotive Technology), John Meagher (Automotive Technology), Tyler Murray (Automotive Technology), Tyler Peluso (Automotive Technology), Frank Puzzullo (Automotive Technology), Jarod Ryan (Media Marketing Communications), Matthew Sargent (Automotive Technology), Devon Schupp (Automotive Collision Technology), Eric Searle (Construction Technology), and Jeremy Wishoff (Automotive Technology).
Marathon Central School District: Andrew Allen (Automotive Technology), Dean Allen (Culinary Arts), Zakary Allbright (Construction Technology), Luke Barrows (Culinary Arts), Robert Cook II (Computer Technology), Kalea Farr (Health Occupations Technology), Ashley Hawks (Graphic Communications), Kelsey Ingrahm (Cosmetology), Zackary Kohout (Automotive Technology), Tyler Lambert (Graphic Communications), Rachel Lawrence (Cosmetology), Cody Metzler (Graphic Communications), Allison O’Shea (Cosmetology), Kaylah Parish (Graphic Communications), Michael Poole (Automotive Technology), Michael Stewart (Graphic Communications), Robert Storie (Automotive Technology), Allison Toolan (Health Occupations Technology), Brycen Vandeburg (Welding Technology), Caitlin Whiting (Culinary Arts), Logan Zeeuw (Culinary Arts), and Basha Zurbruegg (Cosmetology).
Marcellus Central School District: Natalie Bellotti (Cosmetology), Jayna Dellostritto (Cosmetology), Joshua Harris (Automotive Technology), Alorah McManus (Cosmetology), Aleksandr Popov (Automotive Collision Technology), Emily Schmidt (Early Childhood Education), and Isabela Wennberg (Cosmetology).
McGraw Central School District: Talyn Benedict (Health Occupations Technology), Noah Brown (Construction Technology), Nathon Bush (Welding Technology), Mickayla Clark (Health Occupations Technology), Kasandra DeLia (Graphic Communications), Shelly Mauzy (Construction Technology), Zaben Moore (Automotive Collision Technology), Makayla Standish (Health Occupations Technology), Asia Stauber (Cosmetology), Heather Thomas (Cosmetology), Ryan VanOstrand (Automotive Technology), Kyle Welsh (Construction Technology), Angelica Winter (Cosmetology) and Raymond Wright (Automotive Technology).

North Syracuse Central School District: Zachary Arcaro (Automotive Technology), Tyler Austin (Automotive Technology), Steven Bateman (Automotive Technology), Melissa Bell (Cosmetology), Cayla Burton (Physical Therapy), Austin Bush (Automotive Technology), Justin Carmona (Automotive Technology), Frank Colavecchio (Automotive Collision Technology), Tiffany Collard (Health Occupations Technology), Alyssa Courtney (Laboratory Technology), Ollicia Crenshaw (Culinary Arts), Jessika Crossman (Cosmetology), Brianna Desimone (Physical Therapy), Kevin Dunnihoo (Automotive Technology), Jacob Dupra (Automotive Technology), Emily Flood (Culinary Arts), Drew Furgeson (Construction Technology), Eugene Hairston (Automotive Technology), Julie Hamilton (Culinary Arts), Zachary Hanlon (Automotive Technology), Kaitlyn Herb (Health Occupations Technology), Elizabeth Kozlowski (Culinary Arts), Garrett LaFluer (Construction Technology), Samantha Lamica (Laboratory Technology), Tyler Lawrence (Automotive Technology), Teira Martin (Health Occupations Technology), Joshua McDougall (Automotive Collision Technology), Madeleine Medley (Culinary Arts), Mackenzie Moore (Computer Technology), Christopher Morgan (Automotive Technology), Patricia Murry (Cosmetology), Noah Napoli (Automotive Technology), Kayla Pierce (Culinary Arts), Ciara Prothro (Health Occupations Technology), Trinity Prothro (Laboratory Technology), Dominick Quackenbush (Construction Technology), Cailey Reith (Health Occupations Technology), Morgan Reith (Health Occupations Technology), Tyler Richer (Automotive Technology), Jacob Schipani (Automotive Collision Technology), Nicole Straughter (Early Childhood Education), Amber Sutton (Cosmetology), Adriana Thomas (Culinary Arts), Brianna Vercillo (Health Occupations Technology), Robert Vinch (Health Occupations Technology), Adam Vono (Culinary Arts), Cameron Waters (Automotive Technology), Heather Wilson (Physical Therapy), Sarah Wilson (Cosmetology), Taylor Wise (Culinary Arts), and Cody Zacholl (Automotive Collision Technology).
Onondaga Central School District: Matthew Sweeting (Construction Technology), James Deats (Automotive Technology), Chase Guptill (Welding Technology), and Daniel Mack (Automotive Technology).
Solvay Union Free School District: Armen Bargiryan (Early Childhood Education), Jacob Betts (Automotive Technology), Kyla Harding (Culinary Arts), Ty Kaminski (Media Marketing Communications), Brandon Messer (Automotive Collision Technology), Jordan Micheletti (Health Occupations Technology), Joshua Miller (Computer Technology), Patrick Pallotta (Automotive Collision Technology), Corey Soulia (Automotive Collision Technology), Robert Stafford (Welding Technology), and Isabella Tartaro (Cosmetology).
Tully Central School District: Gracie Bartholomew (Health Occupations Technology), Karmen Beckwith (Health Occupations Technology), Marshal Clemens (Automotive Technology), Shauna Hayes (Automotive Technology), Desirea Hemingway (Culinary Arts), Jayna Nguyen (Cosmetology), Daniel Reddick (Automotive Technology), Jason Reid (Automotive Technology), Dakota Schreiner (Automotive Technology), Alicia Snyder (Health Occupations Technology), Daniel Spring (Automotive Technology), Nicholas Troup (Automotive Technology), and Elizabeth Welliver (Early Childhood Education).
West Genesee Central School District: Katlyn Barnes (Health Occupations Technology), Robert Eckert (Welding Technology), Trent Fassinger (Culinary Arts), Addison Gambino (Automotive Collision Technology), Emma Gustetic (Early Childhood Education), Jarett Jones (Health Occupations Technology), Sophie Karam (Culinary Arts), Brandon Laskowski (Automotive Technology), Madisen Maxwell (Cosmetology), Shayne Middleton (Construction Technology), Kylie Palmer (Health Occupations Technology), and Ngun Par (Cosmetology).
Westhill Central School District: Craig Agostini (Culinary Arts), Jeffrey Cooper (Automotive Technology), Kimberly Farrell (Health Occupations Technology), Mara Henson (Cosmetology), Zachary Oaksford (Automotive Technology), Peta Ogle (Cosmetology), Lauren Prince (Cosmetology), and Sebastian Ramirez (Culinary Arts).