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Home Instruction

For families who elect to educate their child(ren) at home, the Home Instruction service provides participating districts and parents support throughout the year with providing clear expectations and regular communication to ensure compliance. In addition, it provides a consistent level of expertise on which districts can rely.

Welcome to Home Instruction

The following school districts subscribe to the OCM BOCES Home Instruction Service:  Baldwinsville, DeRuyter, East Syracuse Minoa, Homer, LaFayette, Marathon, Solvay, and Westhill School Districts. All other districts should contact their home district for forms and procedures.
If you wish to home school your child, you must send a letter of intent to Christine Colasurdo, the Home Instruction Liaison.  Ms. Colasurdo is a New York State certified School Counselor who will be acting as the liaison between the parent and district to support and assist you and answer any questions you might have about Home Instruction.
The letter of intent must include your name and address, school district, your child's name (first, middle, and last), birth date, grade the instruction will take place, as well as the duration that the instruction will occur (example: from September 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021). This letter is due in the office on July 1st or within fourteen days of commencing Home Instruction. 
"Veteran" homeschoolers well understand the regulations, filing requirements, and matters of compliance with assessment. However, should you have any questions or require assistance at any time during the year, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at, or call me at (607) 758-5265.

Paperwork should be sent to: Christine Colasurdo, Home Instruction Liaison, in one of the following ways:  

Please Note:

Home Instruction families, please submit all of your Quarter 3 Reports and Annual Assessment Selection through email to You will receive a letter of receipt through email. 

Please note if you send quarterly reports and Annual Assessment Selection through traditional mail, there will be a delay in processing and responding to those.

Mail:  OCM BOCES, 1710 NYS Route 13, Cortland, NY 13045
Fax:  (607) 753-9546 
In Person:  OCM BOCES, 1710 NYS Route 13, Cortland, NY 13045

The basic requirements for homeschooling your child are:

  • 180 days of instruction per year (900 hours for K-6, 990 hours for 7-12)
  • Letter of Intent to home school your child(ren) due by July 1st or within 14 days of beginning homeschooling
  • Develop an Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) for each homeschooled child due August 15th or within 4 weeks of receipt of the blank IHIP form and regulations
  • Submit 4 quarterly reports which indicate the progress of your homeschooler
  • Complete an annual evaluation for each homeschooled child
  • Age requirements:
-If your child is 6 years old on or before Dec. 1, you must register him/her with Home Instruction. You may use either a Kindergarten or First Grade Curriculum.
-If your child is 16 years old on or after July 1, you must register him/her with Home Instruction for the entire current school year. 

Important Information on Record Retention:

According to the NYS Department of Education, districts are not required to retain records for home-instructed students. Parents are required to keep attendance records for each home-instructed student. Since districts are not required to keep information on home-instructed students, we highly encourage parents to create and maintain a portfolio for their home-instructed student(s) that is evidence of the student's progress and achievement. The portfolio should also include any correspondence with the school district. This portfolio may be helpful should home-instructed students decide to seek admission to a college.

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PO Box 4754
Syracuse, NY 13221

Christopher J. Todd
Interim District Superintendent
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