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District Superintendent 315.433.2602
Adult Education 315.453.4455
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CNYRIC 315.433.8300
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About Innovation Tech

What if your student graduated high school with…
up to 12 college credits?
real world experience in a field of their choice?
connections to local business & community leaders?
the ability to problem-solve & present solutions to an authentic audience?
technology skills that promotes success in college & careers?


At Innovation Tech there are no desks in rows and no solitary bookwork. Students take advantage of an atmosphere that matches their learning styles and needs. They work side by side with their teachers and classmates gathering and sharing necessary information to solve real-world problems. Students learn to work successfully with others while taking personal responsibility for becoming an effective team member.


Students at Innovation Tech have the world at their fingertips. Every student has their own personal learning device. Technology is at the core of learning for all students. They are able to go beyond the textbook to examine topics in greater detail and take personal responsibility for their education. They have access to state of the art technology to discover the world that surrounds them.


Project-based learning allows students to master the material in their classes in a real-world setting. Students complete common core aligned projects throughout the year focusing on collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking skills. As a team they research a problem and create a presentation to an audience of business and community members.


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