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2016 - 2017 Payroll Schedule - Timesheet Info
403(b) - Approved Provider List (includes Roth)
403(b) - Instructions to Start a New 403(b) Account
403(b) - Salary Reduction Agreement Form
Actual Usage Services Form
Adjustment to Services Contract Form 2016 - 2017
Administrative Internship Format
Administrative Internship Guidelines
Administrative Internship Process
Annualized Salary Election Form
Apple Apps - Prior Approval Form
APPR - Professional Improvement Plan
APPR - Action Research Plan
APPR - Adult Education Rubic
APPR - Learning Group Plan
APPR - NYSUT Professional Practice Rubric
APPR - Plan for Adult Ed. Teachers, Pre-K Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Related Service Providers 2013-2014
APPR - Portfolio Plan
APPR - Post Conference Form for Teachers
APPR - Post-Conference Form for Teaching Assistants
APPR - Pre-Conference Form for Teachers
APPR - Pre-Conference Form for Teaching Assistants
APPR - Related Service Providers Observation/Evaluation Form
APPR - Related Service Providers Post Conference Form
APPR - Related Service Providers Pre-Conference Form
APPR - Teacher Observation Form
APPR - Teaching Assistant Evaluation Reference Guide
APPR - Teaching Assistant Observation/Evaluation
APPR Plan for Teachers Covered by 3012-c (2013-2014)
Authorized Signatures for Admin Council
Authorized Signatures for Support Staff
Billing Request Form
Books Textbooks Transfer Form
Cellular Phone Request
Conference Room Setup Form - Administration Bldg
Conference Room Setup Form - CNYRIC/Rodax 2 and 8
Conference Room Setup Form - CTC
Conference Room Setup Form - Main Campus
Conference Room Setup Form - McEvoy Campus
Conference Room Setup Form - Oper & Maint
Conference Room Setup Form - Rodax 7 & 8
Conference Room Setup Form - Science Center
Conference-Workshop-Meeting Request Form (only for employees who do not have MLP accounts)
Confirming Purchase Order Explanation Form
Cross Contract for BOCES Services 2016-2017
Direct Deposit Form
Donated Supplies Form
Employee _ Web Handout - Employee _ Web Handout
Employee Driver Identification Form
Employee Exit Form
Employee Leave Request
Equipment Acquisition Assessment Form
Equipment Update of Cellular Phone
Evaluation Form - Non-Instructional
Evaluation Form - O&M
Examples - Mileage Expenses
Expense Transfer Request
Extra Classroom - Attachment A/B - Approval Form and P/L Statement
Extra Classroom - Attachment C - Inventory Control Form
Extra Classroom - Attachment D - Activity Treasurer's Receipt
Extra Classroom - Attachment E - Activity Treasurer's Deposit Record
Extra Classroom - Attachment F - Bank Deposit Slip
Extra Classroom - Attachment G - Central Treasurer's Receipt
Extra Classroom - Attachment H - Payment Order to the Central Treasurer
Extra Classroom - Attachment I - Voucher Check Sample
Extra Classroom - Attachment J - Interorganization Transfer
Extra Classroom - Establish or Continue Fund Request
Extra Classroom - Officer Listing
Facilities Usage Form
Family Medical leave Request
Fax Cover Sheet
Flexible Spending Reimbursement Claim Form
Health and Safety Report
Mail - Departmental Cover Sheet
Mail - UPS Shipping Form
Mileage-Tolls Reimbursement Claim Form COMBO & OCMBFT Only - Effective January 1, 2016
Oath of Allegiance
Payment Agreement Authorization Form
Payroll Budget Transfer Form
Prior Approval Form for Food
Profile Maintenance - Profile Maintenance
Reference Checking Tips
Reference Release Form
Reimbursement Claim Form - Effective January 1, 2016
Request for Approval of Course(s) for In-Service Credit
School Improvement Teacher Stipend
Sexual Harassment Complaint Appeal Form
Sexual Harassment Complaint Form
Stamp Documentation
Student Incident Report
Student Teacher/Intern/Volunteer Request for Approval
Substitute _ Quick Ref Card - Substitute _ Quick Ref Card
Substitute _ Schedule: Add or Delete Days - Substitute _ Schedule: Add or Delete Days
Substitute _ Unavailable Dates - Substitute _ Unavailable Dates
Substitute _ Web Handout - Substitute _ Web Handout
Substitute Employee Report
Tax Exempt Letter
Tax Exempt ST-129 Hotel Form
Timesheet - Effective July 1, 2016
Vendor Incident Report
Video Conference Request Form
W-9 Form for OCM BOCES
WalMart Item Justification template
Worker's Compensation Accident/Injury/Occupational Illness Report Form (EMPLOYEE MUST SIGN BOTH THE INSTRUCTION PAGE AND THE INJURY REPORT)
Worker's Compensation Instructions For Filing a Claim - Worker's Compensation Instructions For Filing a Claim




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District Superintendent & CEO

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