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Teaching American History

Welcome, we hope you'll use this site as a gateway to some amazing resources created by and for teachers of American history. Funded through a Teaching American History grant, the project is a collaboration between OCM BOCES and SUNY Cortland and covers two projects: The American Dream Project and First Person America. Working with central New York teachers, we've created a variety of materials to help enrich the teaching of watershed periods of American history. Feel free to use any of the resources collected here.



The American Dream Project (2007 - 2011) is a collaborative effort spearheaded by OCM BOCES.  Working with community partners, including SUNY Cortland, the Onondaga Historical Association, the 1890 House Museum and Center for the Victorian Arts, and the Cortland County Historical Society, the Project will develop an integrated program of professional development activities for Central New York social studies teachers.

This three-year Federal "Teaching American History" grant aimed to have area teachers investigate three watershed periods in American history through the lens of the American dream: the era of the American Revolution; the Gilded Age and Progressive Era; and the Post-World War II Era through the Sixties. Ultimately, teachers will take the skills and content they have learned and in turn train other teachers in their district. While improving teacher practice was a goal along the way, the main emphasis was to see an improvement in student achievement.

First Person America (2010 - 2014) is a project that aims to improve student achievement through teacher professional development designed to increase teacher knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for traditional American history.

In each of three years of the project , a new treatment of teachers will receive professional development consisting of a monthly historian-led sessions over the course of the academic year, as well as a summer institute.  The focus of the sessions will range from Revolution and the New Nation, Expansion and Reform, Civil War and Reconstruction, and Modern America and the World Wars.






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