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OCM BOCES Annual Meeting 2019

70 Year Meeting Flyer
The 70-year history of OCM BOCES, along with highlights from 2018, were featured April 3 at the OCM BOCES Annual Meeting at the Cortlandville Campus. More than 50 people attended the event, including school superintendents, school Board of Education members, OCM BOCES BOE members, and OCM BOCES staff.
The event came together thanks to the help from OCM BOCES students themselves. Students from the Culinary, Graphic Communications, Welding and Construction programs all contributed to the meeting, taking part in preparation before, during, and after the event. The Culinary students shined during the evening, using the event to showcase their talents in crafting an exquisite dining experience. The Graphic Communications students helped prepare for the evening by creating the event menu and decorations, extending the OCM BOCES branding throughout the space in the Cortlandville campus courtyard. The Welding and Construction programs also contributed to the branding, with the Construction students creating wooden table decorations that displayed the work of the Graphic Communications students. Additionally, the Welding students created two “70 years” stands for the event, which were used as a podium to showcase the history of OCM BOCES.
After dinner, OCM BOCES Superintendent Jody Manning began his presentation, which included a review of the successes over the last year, the budget planned for the next year, and the Annual Meeting video. The presentation concluded with a toast to the success of OCM BOCES, and wishes for an additional 70 years of success.  
Thank you to everyone – especially our OCM BOCES students – who helped make the event a success!
70 Years 70 Years 70 Years



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