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§3012-d (APPR 2015): Regulations and Implications

The 2015-2016 Enacted Budget establishes or modifies several programs that will require action by the Board of Regents and/or the State Education Department.
In particular, the enacted budget creates a new teacher and principal evaluation system to be administered by the Department in accordance with Commissioner’s Regulations
approved by the Board. The regulations to administer the new system must be issued by June 30th, 2015. Once Commissioner Regulations have been adopted, districts must submit to the Department by September 1st an updated Annual Teacher and Principal Evaluation plan in order to ensure that the plans will be reviewed and approved by the November 15th, 2015
deadline established by the Governor and Legislature in subdivision 11 of §3012-d of the Education Law to receive state aid increases for the 2015-16 school year.

Here are some resources to help you understand the regulations and apply them to your setting.

  • Some changes were made in May. These changes are at the end of this set of slides.
  • FAQs have been provided to explain the transition period (January 15, 2016)
  • These slides explain the transition period; here's a narrative
  • Explanation slides (September 11, 2015 version) 
  • "To-Do List" organizer for §3012-d
  • 3012-D page of engageny
  • Teacher evaluation roadmap (revised for 3012-d)
  • Principal evaluation roadmap (revised for 3012-d)
  • APPR Guidance for 3012-d
  • Board of Regents regulations 
  • Link to Review Room (Review Room guidance)
  • Sample plan with no optional performance
  • Sample plan with optional student performance
  • SLO Guidance for 3012-d
  • SLO template revised for 3012-d (pdf  or word)
  • SLO rubric revised for 3012-d
  • Link to hardship waiver (pdf of form)
  • Link to approved plans
  • Update memo from SED about 3012-d.
  • SED's explanatory memo (the "blue memo")
  • Link to the budget language
  • email address for collection of feedback about APPR
  • Board of Regents April presentation
  • First memo from SED with preliminary information and announcement of "Field Engagement"
  • other
  • other
  • other





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