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September ASCD
Top 5 Collection

OCM BOCES Instructional Support provides these selections from ASCD's collection for your use.

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Strengthening and Enriching Your Professional Learning Community
Explains how to strengthen the effectiveness of Professional Learning communities in schools.
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The Understanding by Design Guide to Creating High-Quality Units
Focuses on the basic concepts behind the Understanding by Design approach used by educators to create classroom curriculum that focus on students' understanding of important ideas and working backwards from there.
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Common Core Standards for High School English Language Arts
Offers a succinct, all-in-one look at the content, structure, terminology, and emphases of the Common Core standards for English language arts and literacy at the high school level.
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Common Core Standards for High School Mathematics
Provides an explanation of the structure, terminology, and emphases of the Common Core mathematics standards for high school, including the areas that represent the most significant changes.
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Learning Targets
Situates learning targets in a theory of action that students, teachers, principals, and central-office administrators can use to unify their efforts to raise student achievement and create a culture of evidence-based, results-oriented practice.
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September 27, 2013

As you work on SLOs, don’t forget the lessons we learned from the process; that reflection is posted at the APPR 2.0 page of the APPR microsite. Additionally, there are new SLO resources on, including revised guidance and examples.

SealThe transition to Common Core Regents examination memo has been revised. This was revised to make it clear that the old IA and new A1 exam administration will overlap in June 2014, August 2014, and January 2015. After that, only the new A1 Regents examination will be available.

The portal for ordering January Regents exams has been slightly delayed. It will open September 30th. The portal for ordering 3-8 exams is open now.

This advice about feedback rings true when providing feedback to students and adults alike.

If you encounter low expectations for students with disabilities or challenging circumstances, share this post about the “Least Dangerous Assumption.” The post addresses the cultural roots and offers concrete tips to counter low expectations.

Snowflake ImageIf you have been previously certified as a Lead Evaluator, please register for your Ongoing Lead Evaluator Training. Three sessions have been scheduled: October, January, and March. You can find the registration links at the Lead Evaluator Training page. Resources will be archived there, too. Each session is repeated four times so you can find one that best fits your schedule.

If you have been previously certified as a Principal Evaluator, please register for the ongoing Principal Evaluator Training. This year, there are three sessions to register for. Each session is scheduled once, however.

This provocative article from The Atlantic points out that we spend more on high-school athletes than high school math students; “The Case Against High-School Sports.”

If you want higher test scores, do more physical fitness in schools. And, the more difficult the material, the more physical fitness might help.

The popular Responsive Classroom Level One course begins October 16th. Learn how a positive learning environment, along with effective management and engaging academics for the 21st Century, can be incorporated into classroom culture.

NYASCDThe 2013-2014 CNY NYS ASCD theme for the year is Data-Driven Instruction. The data focus of the last 15 years has been summative assessment data -- and not much has changed in our classrooms! So, we will focus on Common Formative Assessment as Data-Driven Instruction. You can find a complete list of dates at the website.

The first meeting is October 9th: What’s a PLC, Really? Here’s the flyer; here’s the registration link.

Also, NYS ASCD is holding a symposium on Poverty and its Effect on Students’ Ability to Learn on November 5th at Union College.

Research is Core& Common Core, that is! October 25th is a unique opportunity for teams of teachers and librarians across the region to work to define or refine research process, K-12. We will examine how research is different under Common Core Standards. Tools and processes will be shared to develop capacity to implement research process to meet rigorous standards. Registration is filling quickly.

The Teaching Channel has hour-long “specials” prepared for public television:

This source of on-line courses includes some that would apply to teachers – and they are free.

Paula Rutherford and the folks at Just ASK Publications have created a crosswalk between all of their resources and the NYS Teaching Standards. Instruction for All Students, Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners, Creating a Culture for Learning, and Why Didn’t I Learn This in College are all connected to the Standards.

College and Career readiness logoCheck out this special sneak preview of the Practitioners Workshops at the NYS State Middle School Conference! Now is the time to make arrangements for all of your middle-level staff to attend. It’s close to home, this year, in Verona. Group rates make this the most cost-effective professional development imaginable – and all of it aligned to the Essential Elements, the Common Core, and College & Career Readiness. Take a deep dive with the Common Core at the Middle-Level in these preconference sessions: ELA with John Harmon, math with Andrew Chen, and literacy in content areas with Linda Ruest.

In the story from The Atlantic, a parent decides to do all of his daughter’s homework for one week. Read about his experience. If you are talking about homework in your school, this is worth reading (after you get done with your homework).

The January Regents Examination schedule is posted here.

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