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Science Center Units (Multi Grade): Unit Resources

READ THIS- Multimedia Info**
LEARN 360: Access Learn 360 via OCM BOCES's MediaConnect  at  (username and password required - see your media/library specialist). First, log into MediaConnect then click on Learn 360. Leaving the web page open, return to this page and use the link to access the resource or copy/paste the shortcut. You cannot log directly into Learn 360. 
Vital NY:  This is a free resource located at available to educators.  Clicking the link should access the resource.
DVD:  Listed DVDs can be obtained through MediaConnect’s physical collection (
Professional Development (PD):   These are resources that have been identified as sources of background information for the classroom teacher related to the content topic or a specific related skill. Teachers may choose to share this resource or parts of it with their students as they may deem beneficial.


Unit - Kit Files
Teacher Guide (PDF)

Incubation BLM (PDF)

Incubation Student Journal (PDF)

Resource Files
Incubator Manual (Brinsea MiniAdvance)

You Tube: Animation of Chicken Embryo Development

Incubation: Worksheets (older grades) (PDF)

Tips, Hints and FYIs
Incubation FYIs (PDF)

Building the Brooder Box (PDF)

Ranger Rick: Animal Fathers (Daddy duty)


You Tube: Animals that lay eggs

You Tube: Amazing Animals: Animal Eggs (Part 1 of 2)

You Tube: Amazing Animals: Animal Eggs (Part 2 of 2)

Informational Text Resources

Professional Development (PD)
University of Illinoise Extension: Incubation and Embryology - Resource pages from Univ. of Illinoise 

Univ. of Missouri: Hatching Chicks in the Classroom - Resource pages within and outside Univ. of Missouri, some candling and hatching videos

Embryology in the Classroom, 4H/Penn State - Don't Chicken Out Over Health Concerns (PDF)

PD Websites
Raising Happy Chickens - a great resource, especially for "what to look for" when candling

Cooperative Extension (Alabama)Chick Embryo Development

Imagination Station: Make a Naked Egg (dissolve the shell) check it out

PD Multimedia
Placer County 4-H: Brooder Box (short video)

You TubeHow to candle a chicken egg.

You Tube: Water Candling (alternative way to candle eggs, make sure egg has no cracks/pip holes)






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