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February ASCD Top 5 Collection
OCM BOCES Instructional Support provides these selections from ASCD's collection for your use.

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ASCD Top 5 Classroom Instruction That Works
Describes the research and application about nine categories of instructional strategies that maximize student learning. This is a classic!
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The Formative Assessment Action Plan
Delivers a clear-cut, realistic, and rewarding approach to formative assessment that enhances an active relationship between teachers and students to promote learning.
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Security vs. Access: Balancing Safety and Productivity in the Digital School
Provides educators, administrators, and IT staff the information they need to have constructive conversations about security challenges while still making sure students receive an effective, technology-infused education.
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Teaching in Tandem
Describes effective co-teaching and explains how it works and how to evaluate the effectiveness of the collaboration.
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Understanding Common Core State Standards
Focuses on the new national Common Core Standards and what educators need to know in order to strengthen learning and teaching methods within the classroom.
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February 1, 2013

We have added some resources for when you have to administer SLO summative measures, including these downloads of proctor attestation, scorer attestation, and an administration checklist. We also have an example of what a completed roster might look like.

Explore civil rights through the Smithsonian's collection.

A special "crash-course" of Lead Evaluator Training is scheduled for February 20th & 21st. This course will be a condensed version of Lead Evaluator Training. It will focus on the basics of APPR, evidence collection and evaluation. It is intended for mid-year hires who will be a Lead Evaluator in their district.

Name Generator

Teachers who understand the problems of calling on students with hands raised have long used tools like Popsicle sticks to avoid the all-too-common practice. Now, those teachers can use this new technology tool that will randomly identify students to call on.

A great way to demonstrate professionalism, according to NYS Teaching Standard Seven, is to write for a professional audience. Middle-level teachers should consider writing for In Transition, the journal of the New York State Middle School Association.

The next CNY NYS ASCD meeting is February 26th at the Syracuse Teacher Center. Continuing with the year’s theme of assessments, this meeting will include a presentation about Daily Formative Assessments.

Choose Words

Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey recently wrote about the importance of teacher word choice regarding student motivation. Patrick Shaw will facilitate a half day session, The Power of Our Words, Feb 15th, examining the power of teacher choice in what and how we communicate with students.

If you really want to know what works when students study and learn on their own, read this thorough study.

A unique opportunity provided by SUNY Cortland faculty especially for Teachers of Visual Arts: March 22 is a day just for teachers of visual arts to explore teaching methods specific to their content.

Next Generation Science Standards + Project-Based Learning = 21st Century Readiness (read about it). And, here are some do’s and don’ts of PBL.

The Developing Collaborative Groups workshop (four days beginning with February 27th) uses the work of Garmston and Wellman in The Adaptive School to develop the skills of team leaders, data coaches, curriculum specialists, and principals to facilitate productive meetings and team work sessions.

In the Common Core Learning Standards v. PARCC battle for math, the PARCC math content framework has prevailed. This means that our future assessment will use that framework rather than the Common Core. There isn’t too much that is different – just a few things.

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