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Olweus Bully Prevention Program

STOP BULLYING IN SCHOOLS! OCM BOCES has developed a program delivered by highly experienced nationally certified trainers who are dedicated to the prevention of bullying in schools. They use proactive efforts to create a better learning environment for students. Click HERE to view the OCM BOCES School Informational Brochure detailing our efforts to stop bullying in schools.

For the past 8 years, Student Support Services and the Youth Development Department of OCM BOCES has offered researched based Bullying Prevention Trainings throughout the Mid-State Region. Most recently, the training approach has expanded and continues to enlist the participation of adults to ensure safety for all. OCM BOCES training and consultation emphasizes the commitment of a bullying prevention school-based team. This training is based on the research of Dr. Dan Olweus.

The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program consists of 4 elements:

School Wide Element

  1. Form a bullying prevention coordinating committee
  2. Train committee and all school personnel
  3. Administer the Olweus Bully/Victim Questionnaire
  4. Develop school rules against bullying
  5. Increase supervision in the hot spots of the school property
  6. Use consistent positive and negative consequences
  7. Hold staff discussion groups
  8. Involve parents
  9. Hold kick-off events

Community Efforts

  1. Engage the community in the school effort. Be creative.
  2. Examine strategies for spreading anti-bullying messages beyond the school.

Individual Interventions

  1. Intervene on-the-spot when bullying occurs
  2. Hold follow-up discussions with victims
  3. Hold follow-up discussions with students who demonstrate bullying
  4. Share information with staff
  5. Involve parents

Classroom Element

  1. Post and discuss school rules
  2. Use consistent positive and negative consequences
  3. Hold regular class meetings
  4. Incorporate bullying themes across the curriculum
  5. Hold class level parent meetings

For information coordinating School Team-2-Day Training can be obtained by emailing or calling:

Penny Williams: PWilliams@OCMBOCES.ORG or (315) 433-2609

Kathy Miller: KAMiller@OCMBOCES.ORG or (315) 433-2609







PO Box 4754
Syracuse, NY 13221
Phone: (315) 433-2600

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