APPR Rules and Regulations

As interpretations about the regulations emerge from SED, we'll keep track of them here. Additionally, on this page are resources to help you understand the playing field and expectations.

Here's information about the APPR revised law which governs APPR implementation:

Regulatory Changes:

  • Impact of Board of Regents February 2014 actions
  • x

The following is archived material to track the development of the 3012(c):

Information about the February 16, 2012, Agreement between NYSUT, SED, and the Governor

Regulations ADOPTED on May 16, 2011:

DRAFT Regulations, released April 15, 2011:

Regents Item (from April, 2010 meeting)
SED and NYSUT press conference
Actual Language from NY Legislative Action
SED's August 2010 Q and A
NYSUT's Q and A
NYSUT's Legislative Proposal
NYSUT's Checklist for Local Presidents
Education Law § 3020-a (Disciplinary Procedures and Penalties)
Education Law § 3012-c (Annual Professional Performance Review)
Teaching Standards (adopted January, 2011)
February Task Force update to NYSCOSS
Summary of Descriptions and Options for Regents Consideration (March 2011)
Task Force Report to Board of Regents (April 4, 2011) slides press release
SED April 4th Recommendations to the Board of Regents (following Task Force)
Memo about staff and course data


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