Business & Industry Training

Let OCM BOCES provide customized training for your business. Our highly qualified instructors are available to deliver training at your facility or in one of our classrooms. We offer mechanical, electrical & computer training, as well as professional development seminars, to enhance your company's customer service skills.

For Your Business: 40-Hour Training Programs ... One Week at a Time
  • Electrical/Electronic Courses
  • Predictive Maintenance Courses
  • Industrial Motor Drives Courses
  • Mechanical Courses
  • PLC Courses
  • Fluid Power Course
Does Your Company Need...
  • One- & Two-Day Computer Seminars
  • Customized Technical Seminars
  • Certification Training and Testing
  • Professional Development Seminars
Customized Workforce Training
  • Technical & Trade Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Office & Professional Skills
  • Supervisory Skills & Leadership Training
  • Assessment and Evaluation Services
  • Company Focused
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • On- & Off-Site Offerings
  • Competitive Pricing
On-Site Training Puts You in Control!
When you choose OCM BOCES as your on-site training partner, you are in complete control.  With the assistance of our expert consultants, we provide the speaker, the program content, date, time and locations.  In other words, your employees hear the message you want from a trainer at a time and place most convenient for you.

What's more, we customize training to address your organization's specific challenges and to meet your team's unique needs, so your employees learn job-related skills they can put to work immediately.  We offer "cutting edge" training solutions, or we can develop a program exclusively for your organization.

On-site training is the easiest, most economical way to train your team fast for results you can measure.
Last updated on 9/19/2014
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