Bilingual Special Education Specialist

What is the role of the Bilingual Special Education Specialist?

The Bilingual Special Education Specialist offers regional training and technical assistance as directed by NYSED and based upon the recommendations of the Steering Committee and the NYSED regional planning process.


  • Provide information, regional training and technical assistance on the referral, assessment/ evaluation, and provision of instruction to culturally and linguistically diverse students with suspected and/ or identified disabilities.
  • Ongoing regional training topics include:
    • English Language Learners: Understanding Cultural and Linguistic Differences
    • Language Acquisition vs. Disability
    • Special Education Processes and Procedures
    • Quality IEPs for ELLs
    • Literacy for ELLs with Disabilities

  • Develop, revise, and distribute informational materials approved by NYSED which offer guidance on effective practices for English Language Learners.

Bilingual Special Education Workshops


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Contact Information

Erin Simmons

Melissa Fenn
110 Elwood Davis Rd
Liverpool, NY
Phone: 315-431-8472
Fax: 315-431-8495

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