Mid-State RBERN ESL Program Start-Up Packet for

Schools and Districts


General Information

NYS Office of Bilingual Education 


NYSED English Proficiency Levels

 Description of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills at beginning, intermediate, advanced and proficient levels, taken from the NYS Learning Standards for English as a Second Language


Translator/Interpreters by Language

A list of Translators/Interpreters for use by Districts, updated yearly.

Glossaries Translated by the State

Guidance and Information from NYSED OBE

Need someone added to the list - email rbern@ocmboces.org


Identification & Placement 

LEP Identification Chart

Flow chart describing the NYS process for legally identifying new LEP students


Home Language Questionnaire 
Form required of all parents upon registration of their child in a new district; also available in several other languages


LAB-R Ordering Memo
Procedures for ordering, receiving & storing the LAB-R


LAB-R Cut Scores Memo
SED memo with charts showing how to place students in ESL programs according to their LAB-R score


LEP Time Requirements

Chart showing the amount of ESL time required for students at various proficiency and grade levels; also shown by NYSESLAT score

Individual Learning Plan Sample Ideas
Student Profile, Student Academic Profile and Student Individual Learing Plan



CR Part 154 Regulations 2007 -

Full text of the NYS Commissioner’s Regulations, Part 154 pertaining to the education of limited English proficient (LEP)/English language learners (ELL), last revised in 2007



NYS Office of State Assessment 

Accommodations for ELLs

Description of accommodations allowed on State tests for LEP students


NYSESLAT Information 


LAB-R Information



Sample Parent Letter – 154 New

 Sample wording schools can use to notify parents of their child’s placement in an ESL program, as required by CR Part 154


Sample Parent Letter

 Sample wording schools can use to notify parents of their child’s placement in an ESL program


 This notice is very important. It will affect the education of your child. Please have it translated

 Translated into 23 languages for use by districts.


Ten Ways Parents Can Promote Language Learning at Home

For parents. Available in several other languages


Evaluating Foreign Transcipts, The A - Z Manual

Additional resource for assising in evaluating foreign transcripts


Magenta Book - Learning Standards for English as a Second Language  ww.emsc.nysed.gov/biling/resource/ESL/standards.html

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