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New Vision Medical Professions is a one-year program offered to highly motivated high school seniors. As a healthcare field immersion program, students will explore related career pathways as they participate in scheduled rotations at Crouse Hospital, the Syracuse VA Medical Center and SUNY Upstate Medical University. Students will experience the medical profession first-hand by working with physicians, nurses and other health professionals. Through a combination of research and hands-on projects, students will learn about medical ethics, patient rights, human anatomy and physiology, governmental regulations, and health careers. Students will also earn CPR and First Aid certification and fulfill their English 12, Participation in Government, and Economics requirements toward graduation. 

Eligibility requirements: Interested students must be in their senior year of high school, in good academic standing and on target with all graduation requirements. Eligible candidates should exhibit self-motivation, enthusiasm and maturity, and must be willing to work both independently and as a team member in diverse settings.


Thompson Road Campus (Syracuse)
6820 Thompson Rd
P:  (315) 433-2635


Students tend to lose interest and
motivation when they don't see a
connection between school and the
real world. In fact, 81% of high school dropouts say relevant, real-world
learning opportunities would have
kept them in school.

Available Academic Credits and Certifications Experiential Learning Opportunities Possible Clinical Rotations Advanced Training Career Opportunities

Available Academic Credits
3 Career Studies
•  1 English 12
•   1/2 Participation in Government
•   1/2 Economics
•   Anatomy & Physiology - 4 college credits through Onondaga Community College

First Aid and CPR

•  Introduction to related health careers
• Healthcare systems and facilities
• Scientific research and inquiry
• Emergency care
• First Aid and CPR
• Personal and patient safety
• Interpersonal Dynamics and Communication
• Related microbiology
• Wellness, growth and development
• Legal and ethical principles/confidentiality
• Infection control
• Medical terminology
• Anatomy and physiology
• Culture and health care
• Employability skills 
• Economic and government issues in the healthcare industry 

•  Audiology
•  Emergency Room
•  Surgery
•  Respiratory Therapy
•  Physical Therapy
•  Occupational Therapy
•  Radiology
•  Speech Therapy
•  Spinal cord Injury Unit
•  Laboratory/Pathology
•  Cardiology
•  Nursing
•  Pharmacy
•  Case Management
•  Recreation Therapy
•  Prosthetics
•  Wound/Ostomy Care
•  Sterile Processing 
•  Intensive Care 

•  Nurse (LPN, RN, practitioners & midwives)
• Laboratory technician
• Physical therapist
• Physician
• Recreational therapist
• Pathologist
• Pharmacist
• Athletic trainer
• Physician assistant
• Biomedical engineer
• Radiologist
• Respiratory therapist
• Occupational therapist
• Speach therapist
• Audiologist
• Prosthetist 



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Christopher J. Todd
Interim District Superintendent

PO Box 4754
Syracuse, NY 13221
(315) 433-2600

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